Maxi Cosi bedside crib

  • £18900

Rest easy knowing that your baby is sleeping in luxury only an arm’s reach away with the Maxi-Cosi Iora bedside sleeper - a sophisticated, adjustable crib with an extremely comfortable mattress.

Just because it’s time to sleep doesn’t mean your bonding time has to end. Thanks to the Iora’s five different height positions and easy co-sleeping slide function, your baby always fits perfectly next to you. Plus it's easy fold and a convenient travel bag, the crib can also be taken with you whereever you need to go.

Whether you need to feed, change a diaper, or even the sheets in the middle of the night, all the essentials are within reach in Iora’s large storage basket.

When you're ready to give your little one their own space, simply move Iora to the baby’s room. Its comfortable mattress and sturdy frame are perfect to double as a stand-alone crib. And your baby can continue sleeping in their own, familiar bed.

The benefits of side- sleeping:

  • Suitable from birth - 9kg or 6 months
  • It helps the new born to adjust sleeping-awake times.
  • It helps with breastfeeding for mothers.
  • It reassures parents and makes the child feel safe.
  • It strengthens the bond between child and parents and it helps the child to grow more self-confident and sociable.
  • Sleeping in the same room (but not in the same bed) reduces the risk of SIDS.

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