Kinderkraft Lastree 2in1 Highchair

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Do you want your child to spend as much time as possible with you? Do you like it when your child can be with you during your household chores? Check out the LASTREE 2-in-1 adjustable multi-functional bouncer and high chair that will serve your child from birth up to three years (or 15 kg). 

LASTREE acts as a bouncer from birth, and when your little one learns to sit independently, you can easily transform it into a high chair. 

This chair will delight both you and your child – it's not only practical, but also looks great thanks to its modern style. The classic tones are broken up by the modern terrazzo pattern, meaning that LASTREE will match interiors decorated in different styles.

That's why LASTREE also acts as a bouncer (also in the high version – on long legs) that can be used from birth. It features a wide, soft seat with an insert, and a five-point safety harness to keep your child safe while they rest or play. This means that your little one can accompany you not only during meals, but also when you're performing your everyday household chores.

To make things even more comfortable for your child, the backrest can be adjusted to three positions, including the lie-flat position. You can tailor it to your preferences and your little one's mood. 

The lie-flat position is ideal for resting, and the reclining position is great for play, because the bouncer has an adjustable toy bar featuring a plush leaf with a rattle and a plush swallow with colourful ribbons. The bouncer also has an adjustable footrest to give little feet somewhere to rest.

With LASTREE, it's much easier to spend time with your child – they can accompany you anytime and anywhere. This is possible thanks to the quiet wheels on the ends of the rocker-bouncer's legs. You can easily move the chair from one room to another! And the additional basket for small items will let you quickly grab a wet wipe to clean your child's face.

LASTREE is a versatile high chair – it stands out not only thanks to its beautiful style and reversible seat insert, but also the option of adjusting the seat height to five different positions. You can easily tailor it to your dining table so that when they get older, your little one can join your mealtime in comfort. 

The high chair function also features a five-point safety harness that can be adjusted to two heights. This means you can tailor it to your child's height even better.

LASTREE features an adjustable footrest and an additional footrest that's perfect for smaller children. It provides correct support for little legs during mealtimes to encourage proper child development and instil good habits. It also has a double tray that can be adjusted to three positions and is easy to remove and clean. 

LASTREE also features a soft seat covered with eco-leather – this makes it super easy to keep the high chair clean. Did your child drop carrots on the cover? Or perhaps spilt some juice? All you need to do is wipe the seat down with a damp cloth.

LASTREE is a product designed for beautiful interiors. It features a unique, modern design with light colours broken up by strong accents. To make storage easier, you can fold the high chair and place it in the corner of your room or into your wardrobe. The tray can be removed and attached to the chair's rear legs so that the chair takes up even less room.



  • LASTREE is a 2-in-1 bouncer-high chair – it acts as a bouncer (up to 9 kg) and high chair (up to 15 kg). It can be used from the first weeks of life!
  • The bouncer for infants will let your child accompany you at mealtimes and on a day-to-day basis.
  • The bouncer comes with a bar and two hanging toys (a plush leaf with a rattle and a plush swallow with colourful ribbons). Your child won't be bored!
  • In the high chair function, LASTREE provides the right support for your child's legs and makes it easier for them to assume the correct position for eating. This means that your youngster can develop good habits from a young age.
  • LASTREE is versatile – you can adjust the seat height to five different positions. This means it'll suit both low and high dining tables.
  • The bouncer-high chair has a special frame, thanks to which you can use it as a high rocker/seat or in the lower option.
  • The large adjustable tray can be placed in three different positions. It'll also protect your child like a guard rail.
  • The wheels can be attached to the legs of the high chair, so that LASTREE can be easily moved from one place to another. Would your little one like to eat in the kitchen instead of the dining room? You can easily move the high chair to make this possible, and without worrying about scratching your floor!
  • The versatile style and classic colour combination make LASTREE perfect for any interior.


  • LASTREE features a sturdy, steel frame. The high chair-bouncer is stable and will last you for many years.
  • The high chair is equipped with a five-point safety harness that can be adjusted to two heights. It can be adjusted easily, and if needed, removed completely.
  • The four wheels feature special locks to prevent the high chair from moving spontaneously. They're quiet and won't scratch the floor, and can be completely removed.
  • The product meets standards for high chairs EN 14988:2017+A1:2020, for bouncers EN 12790:2009, and for toys EN 71.
  • Convenience:
  • LASTREE features a deep, wide seat covered with soft eco-leather. If the cover gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • You can attach the reversible, nice-to-the-touch insert to the seat. This will make resting more pleasant for your child, not to mention that it looks great!
  • The backrest can be adjusted to three different positions, including the lie-flat position, which means your child can comfortably lie and play with the included toys.
  • LASTREE features an adjustable footrest, and in the high chair function, you can attach an additional footrest (included in the set). The footrests provide the right support for your child's legs both when resting and eating.
  • The high chair can be folded – you can easily put it in the corner of the room, or away in a wardrobe. The tray can be removed and attached to the high chair's legs to make it take up less room.
  • LASTREE features a basket for small items. You can now always have a packet of wet wipes, a spare dummy, or a bib on hand! It has a capacity of 5 kg.



  • cover: eco-leather
  • frame: steel
  • plastic elements: PP
  • wheels: plastic
  • toys: plush and plastic (hooks)
  • tray: plastic
  • insert: polyester
  • basket: polyester


Folded high chair: height: 118.5 cm x width 50 cm x length 17.5 cm

Unfolded high chair: height: 103 cm x width 50 cm x length 64.5 cm

Height levels:

  • level 1: 86 cm,
  • level 2: 90 cm,
  • level 3: 95 cm,
  • level 4: 98 cm,
  • level 5: 103 cm.


  • Backrest: width 42.5 cm x height 44.5 cm
  • Seat: width 30.5 cm x depth 25 cm
  • Tray: width 33 cm x length 51.5 cm x height 3 cm
  • Basket: width of first side: 31 cm, width of second side: 38 cm x length 36.5 cm x height 13 cm; max. 5 kg capacity

Weight: 8.5 kg

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